Awards and Honors

Non nobis solum (not to ourselves alone).

I’ve been humbled as well as privileged to receive considerable recognition over the years. But I’ve always pointed out that these awards are really shared with the wonderful, high-commitment friends, students, and collaborators with whom I’ve worked. Thus, any credit or appreciation that is given, is given to all my partners.

International Heroes Award – Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge Recognition: Warner and Kaye Woodworth were selected as the recipients this year at the annual President’s Day gala on George Washington’s birthday, February 22, 2012 with 360 attendees in Salt Lake City. The event was hosted by the National President of FF, at which the MC was the voice of the Spoken Word Tabernacle Choir broadcast, Lloyd Newell. Another recipient honored was Elder Dallin Oaks. We were recognized by Utah’s Lt. Governor Greg Bell, along with a military honor guard. Our 30 years of humanitarian work in villages around the globe, along with establishing a number of strong and sustainable NGOs, were the basis for this recognition.

HELP International Humanitarian Leadership Award: In September 2012 I was given the Leadership Excellence plaque at the organization’s celebration of 200-plus volunteers who served the poor at 11 international sites during the year. It was a symbol of appreciation for my having founded and led the NGO from 1999-2012 as manager, board chair, and CEO.

Top Ten List: Woodworth paper “Youth-Based Social Entrepreneurship: Post-Tsunami Crisis Interventions” made the Social Science Research Network (SSRN)’s Top Ten Research List 2011 – 2012.

Utah Bar Recognition: I was recognized by the Utah State Bar Association for my global work in championing human rights and social justice in many nations. I spoke to some 400 leading attorneys in St. George, Utah on March 19, 2011.

Tanner Lecturer of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters: This is a prestigious annual award determined by academics from across Utah which recognizes a leading university faculty member in Utah for his or her scholarship and teaching. The honoree is invited to give the Tanner Lecture at the academy’s annual conference attended by professors throughout the state’s higher education system.

$1,000 cash award for our research paper: “The Pete Suazo Business Center as a Model High Impact Minority Small Business Development and Resource Center.” (Co-author John Oirya, MBA). Recognized as the Best Paper in Women’s Entrepreneurship sponsored by the International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship (IJGE) and the National Women’s Business Council, selected from among academic papers presented at the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) international conference, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 24-27, 2010.

Top Ten List: Woodworth paper “Youth-Based Social Entrepreneurship: Post-Tsunami Crisis Interventions” made SSRN’s leading papers throughout 2010.

Recognized as the first Peter F. Drucker Centennial Global Social Entrepreneur in Residence, Drucker School of Management, Claremont University, Visiting Professor in Los Angeles, lecturing to faculty, MBAs, and undergraduates, during Spring 2010.

Honored during Sundance Film Festival to be present with Dr. Muhammad Yunus at the banquet to launch the new documentary film premiered as “To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America” about our work at Grameen New York, held in Park City, Utah January 24, 2010.

SSRN’s Top Ten most downloaded article on my action learning and teaching case about our post-tsunami intervention in Thailand for the year of 2009.

American Express $10,000 recognition award/grant for our MBM work to empower Utah Valley Latinos through microfinance in Provo, Utah May 2009.

Ronald King Social Entrepreneurship Award, Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum, board of directors selection, December, 2008.

Top Ten Among the Most-viewed Online Publications in 2008 for my article in Social Science Research Network.

Social Entrepreneurship Innovative Teaching Award (3rd place), Skoll World Forum, Oxford University, March 2008, UK.

International Business School Faculty Pioneer Award for global impacts, Aspen Institute of Management, Ernst & Young Headquarters, New York City, November 2007.

Social Capital Award/Unitus Innovations: Presentation from Fast Company Magazine/Monitor Consulting Group, New York, 2006, 2007, 2008.

Microfinance Practitioner Excellence Award to our India partner NGO, Swayam Krishi Sangram (SKS), from Grameen Foundation-USA, Washington, DC, November, 2005.

15 Years of Humanitarian Service; Recognition by LDS First Presidency, to Enterprise Mentors International, October 28, 2005.

Certificate of Commitment Award at President Bill Clinton’s new Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), New York City, September 15-17, 2005.

Appreciation award for Wave of Hope tsunami relief project, from General Lertrat, head of Thailand government’s tsunami rebuilding effort, and Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Secretary of State, July 2005.

Social Innovator of the Year, Economic Self-Reliance Conference, BYU, 2005.

Outstanding Teacher Award, Marriott School MBA Track Award, BYU, 2005.

Partner, United Nations International Year for Microcredit, 2005.

Viva Sion! Award (Long Live Zion Award), Eagle Condor Network, Chiclayo, Peru, 2004.

Outstanding Strategies for Developing Socially Responsible Students, National Net Impact Association, New York City, 2004.

Hero Award presented to our NGO, Chasqui Humanitarian, a charity I co-founded in my EMBA ethics course, presented by the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge for our 5 years of international service in Peru and Bolivia, 2003.

Financial Prizes: $25,000 from the Gay Family Foundation, plus $7,500 for excellence from the Crystal Springs Foundation, to H.E.L.P. International, our student NGO, 2003.

Best Paper Award: Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, Business Division, 2003.

Leadership Award. One of twelve LDS leaders chosen in its first annual recognition event from among Meridian’s 200,000 readers in 170 countries, Meridian Magazine, 2003.

Best non-profit startup/MicroBusiness Mentors, a $1000 prize my students and I won in 2003 for having the best social entrepreneurship business plan, Marriott School Center for Entrepreneurship, 2003.

Award for Humanitarian Service, Presented by the Center for the Study of Ethics, Utah Valley State College, Orem, Utah, 2002.

Plaque of Appreciation for 3 years of BYU social entrepreneurs laboring to build sustainable strategies for the poor in Central America, OEF (Women’s Economic Organization) El Salvador, 2002.

Our BYU delegation was recognized in New York City for having the most successful microenterprise program at any university in the world: Developing new courses, 6 annual conferences, a new journal, research, publications, student mentoring, and NGO startups. Microcredit Summit +5, New York City, 2002.

Finalist, Center for Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition ($500), BYU, 2002.

Recognition for 2 years of “Outstanding Humanitarian Service” to Salvadorian victims of the 2001 earthquake, U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, 2002.

Nominated for a “Fast 50” Award as one of the top “movers and shakers” among Fast Company Magazine’s worldwide readers, 2002.

Establishment of the Woodworth Social Entrepreneurship Prize: At the 4th Annual BYU Microenterprise Conference held April 5-7, 2001 it was announced that the Marriott School and microcredit organizations around the world had joined together to create the Warner P. Woodworth Social Entrepreneurship Prize to recognize outstanding leadership in the field of microfinance. It will be an annual award that includes a Third World craft product as recognition, as well as several thousand dollar cash prize to be donated in the winner’s name to any nonprofit humanitarian organization of his or her choice. In the spirit of becoming a global change agent, the Prize will designate individuals who have truly transformed the world by their personal sacrifice, radical strategies, and long-term vision.

Received the First South High Alumni Honor Roll Award for Outstanding Community Service. Salt Lake City, Utah, 2001.

Honored at BYU’s Mentored Learning Environments Recognition Banquet sponsored by the Office of Research and Creative Activities, 2001.

Nominated as a Torch Bearer for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics.

Recipient of the 2001 Senator Reed Smoot Outstanding Award as Provo City’s Entrepreneur-of-the-year, supported by the Chamber of Commerce.

Award for Humanitarian Service. Presented by the Program in Religious Studies at the Center for the Study of Ethics, Utah Valley State College, Orem, Utah, 2000.

Humanitarian Achievement Award. Presented by the Chasqui Humanitarian Foundation of the Andes, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2000.

Our Heroes Award. Presented by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Utah Chapter, for the 15 year efforts of the Ouelessebougou-Utah Alliance, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2000.

Distinguished Service Award. Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. Presentation held in Cedar City, Utah, 2000.

Recipient of the first “Lowell Bennion Humanitarian Award,” Salt Lake City, Utah, 1999.

Circle of Honor Award, given by the BYU Student Honor Association for being an “exceptional example of honor, integrity and commitment to Christ-centered principles,” 1999.

Recipient of the Distinguished Lecture Award in Honor of Dr. Glen M. Vernon, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, 1998.

Institutional Action Plan drafted by Gary Woller and me was one of only three plans of over a hundred submitted by universities around the world to be honored at the Microcredit Summit of Councils in 1998.

The “Good Samaritan Award,” given to Enterprise Mentors International, the NGO I founded in 1990. This recognition is given by the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, founded by Father Robert Sirico, a Paulist priest. Our humanitarian program was one of only ten awards out of over 700 organizations considered in 1997.

Honored as BYU’s humanitarian at a string instrument concert, the Firebird Quartet, that performed a benefit recital to aid Mali, West Africa, at BYU, 1997.

My writings were featured as a source of material for a new dramatic production, Gadianton, produced by the BYU Department of Theatre and film, written by Eric Samuelsen, directed by Bob Nelson, 1997. The play lays out major ethical and economic dilemmas, as old as events in Book of Mormon times, as clear as Joseph Smith’s visions of leadership and stewardship, as modern as the cruelty of mass corporate downsizings in America during the 1990s.

The Distinguished David O. McKay Lecture for 1997 at BYU–Hawaii was based on my book Working Toward Zion, “The Law of Scarcity vs. the Law of Consecration.”

Working Toward Zion, my book was honored as 1997 best seller at Media Play, Inc.

Karl G. Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award, BYU, 1995.

Community Hero Nomination—service award, Atlanta Summer Olympic Torch Relay, 1995.

Award for Outstanding International Service–plaque presented by BYU Student Service Association, 1993.

Outstanding Faculty Award–chosen by faculty of the Marriott School for the year 1989.

Second Place, Contemporary Issues Articles, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, 1987.

Outstanding Teacher of the Year–chosen by graduating students, Brigham Young University, 1986.

Corporate Teaching Award–Graduate School of Management, Brigham Young University, 1984.

“We may have to repent in this generation, not for the violent actions of bad people, but for the inaction of good people who have the notion that time will cure all evils.”

— Martin Luther King