Participatory Economics


“We may look forward with hope to the day when it shall be the rule for the workman to be Partner with Capital, the man of affairs giving his business experience, the working-man in the mill his mechanical skill, both owners of the shares and so far equally interested in the success of their joint efforts, each indispensble, and without whose cooperation success would be impossible. . . . We are just at the beginning of profit-sharing, and the reign of working-men proprietors, which many indications point to as the next step forward in the march of wage-paid labor to the higher stage of profit-sharing–joint partnership–workers with the hand and workers with the head paid from profits–no dragging of the latter down, but the raising of the former up.”

— Andrew Carnegie

The Participatory Economics Project

Economic Democracy

Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy

Economic Democracy and Cooperative Capitalism

The Institute for Economic Democracy

Corporate Personhood–Demeaning Our Bill of Rights

International Association for the Economics of Participation

“To secure to each laborer the whole product of his labor, or as nearly as possible, is a worthy object of any good government.”

— Abraham Lincoln, December 1, 1847, speech

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