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This link contains several articles I have written on learning, teaching, and education, as well as various academic positions I’ve held and research support grants over the years. 

“Ideas must work through the brains and the arms of good [people], or they are no better than dreams.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Essayist

“U.S. Microfinance from the Bottom Up: The Case of MicroBusiness Mentors as a Social Enterprise,” International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Management, Volume 2, Issue 12, pp: 71-77, 2021.

“Developing Social Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators: A Social Identity and Self-Efficacy Approach” Academy of Management Learning & Education, Volume 11, Number 3, with Isaac Smith, University of Utah, September 2012.

“We Should Not Vouch for Utah Vouchers,” By Common Consent, November, 2007.

“Building a Movement for Global Change Agents,” Compact for Civic Engagement, Austin, Texas, Conference Proceedings, January 2006.

“Viewpoint: BYU Can Do More Service.” The Daily Universe. July 29, 1999.

Working Toward Zion: Principles of the United Order for the Modern World, Aspen Books, with James W. Lucas, 484 pp.

“The Redesign of Education: New Paradigms and Practices”. In Laying the Foundations (edited by A. LeGrand Richards and Valerie Holladay), Provo: 1992, pp. 89-95.

“A New Strategy: Combining Manufacturing and Management”. Journal of Engineering Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2, Fall 1990, pp. 32-34 (with Vernon Dillenbeck).

“Faith, Hope and Charity in Graduate Education”. Exchange, Fall, 1989, pp. 24-28.

“Pain, Pathos, and Paranoia: Responses to the Unstructured OB Course.” Exchange: The Organizational Behavior Teaching Journal, 1982 Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 21-25 (Dave Ulrich, The University of Michigan and Warner Woodworth, Brigham Young University).

“The Return to Literacy”. Exchange Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 1976, pp. 19-22.

The Effects of Laboratory Training on Self Actualization and Disclosure. Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University, M.S. Thesis, 1969, 103 pp.

Academic Positions

Professor‑‑Brigham Young University, Department of Organizational Behavior.  Teaching in the areas of organizational change, management ethics, industrial democracy, and Third World development, Social Entrepreneurship, and Civil Society. 1976 – Present
Visiting Professor–Division of Behavioral Sciences, Brigham Young University, Hawaii Campus:  Human Resource Development. 1986-87
Visiting Professor‑‑Graduate School of Business Administration,

University of Michigan:  organizational behavior and industrial relations.

Visiting Scholar–International Institute of Labor Studies, Geneva, Switzerland:  Comparative Labor Relations. 1980
Visiting Professor‑‑Pontificia Universidade of Rio de Janeiro, joint appointment in the Department of Psychology and Graduate School of Business Administration:  social psychology, group dynamics, and organization theory. 1974-75
Lecturer–Wayne State University, School of Business Administration: courses in organization theory and corporate social responsibility. 1972-74


“Research is digging facts. Digging facts is as hard a job as mining coal. It means blowing them out from underground, cutting them, picking them, shoveling them, loading them, pushing them to the surface, weighing them and then turning them loose on . . . the. . .public for fuel—for light and heat. Facts make a fire which cannot be put out. To get coal requires miners. To get facts requires miners too: fact miners.”
— John Brophy, United Mine Workers of America, 1921

Major research projects and funding sources are listed below:

Kellogg Foundation–Community Organizational Development, 1971.

Ford Foundation–Cross Cultural Research in Latin America, 1974.

American Psychological Association–Travel Funds to Europe and the Caribbean, 1980‑81.

Economic Development Administration–$40,000 grant to research worker-ownership, 1980‑81.

British Social Science Research Council–U.S. Representative to meetings of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), 1981.

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services–$24,000 to provide technical assistance in labor/management cooperation, 1981-82.

American Sociological Association–Travel Grant, 1982.

The German Marshall Fund–on European industrial cooperatives, Summer 1983.

West German Ministry of Labor Grant, Summer 1985.

Center for International Business and Economic Research, Eastern Europe, 1992.

David M. Kennedy Center, Russian Research Grant, 1992-94.

Marriott School, Economic Development of Western China, $30,000 during 2000-2001.

Global Management Center, Guatemalan Microfinance Impacts Study, $5000 in 2003.

FINCA International, developing research instruments to assess the impacts of microcredit on family well-being, mentoring 16 BYU students doing field studies in 16 countries of Latin America, the former USSR, and Africa, $56,000, 1998-2004.

Marriott School funding to carry out field studies on microcredit in the Philippines, Peru, and Mexico, $7,500 summer 2004.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”
— Voltaire, French Philosopher

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