Professional Training

I have designed and taught human resource seminars, off-site executive conferences, and interpersonal skills development services to such organizations as the following:

Management development seminars for such clients as Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan; Cole National Corp., Cleveland, Ohio; General Motors, Grand Rapids, Michigan; DME Co., Madison Heights, Michigan and Youngwood, Pennsylvania; Signetics Corporation, Orem, Utah; Pittsburgh Paint and Glass Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama; St. Louis University Hospitals, St. Louis, Missouri; Wilson Foods, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Intermountain Health Care, Salt Lake City, Utah; Westinghouse Corp., Baltimore Maryland.

School personnel–Brigham Young University, Arizona State University, University of Utah, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Flint school districts.

Church leadership training for professionals, lay leadership, and conferences throughout Utah, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana in the U.S. as well as others throughout Latin America.

Governmental training and research with officials/employees of St. Petersburg, Florida; Michigan Municipal League; the cities of Detroit, Flint, and Pontiac, Michigan; Utah State Prison, State Division of Rehabilitation, Veterans Administration Hospital; Ogden City; U.S. Forest Service; Hawaii State Government.

Cross-cultural management seminars conducted in Brazil for Morrison-Knudsen Engineering, Bureau (nucleus of assessment and involvement of business personnel); ISOP-sponsored training in OD technology in Mexico City with firm of DATA, S.C.; Exxon Corporation in Santiago, Chile; Imperial Oil of Calgary, Canada.

I have also provided pro bono consultation and skills training to various environmental groups, unions, and public interest organizations in the U.S. as well as overseas.  The following groups are representative of those worked with:

Idaho Conservation League; Northern Rockies Action Group, (Montana); American Federation of Amalgamated Meat Cutters; Black Economic Development League; Legal Aid Society; American Indians, Unlimited; Utah Migrant Council; Jeannette Sheet Glass Corp. (Pennsylvania); Barbizon Corp. and International Ladies Garment Workers Union, Local 430; Salt Lake Northwest Community Council; United Rubberworkers, Local 178 (Dayton, Ohio); Black Muslim Poultry Cooperative (Cleveland); Yellow Cab Drivers Association, Inc. Denver; Group Empresa Humana (Mexico); El Cid:  Foundation for Indian Development (Guatemala); Inter-Faith Center on Corporate Social Responsibility (New York City); Canyonlands Fruit Growers Co-Operative; Navajo Development Council; Indo-Chinese Refugees; Filipino Farmworkers Co-operative (Hawaii); Oneida Tribal Council (Wisconsin); Solidarnosc Trade Union (Poland); Prince Cooperatives (Kenya); Mentores Empresariales (Guatemala); New Generation (Brazil).

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